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Ive had a really good time with this, but there is one thing that bugs me. We never find out who used the bathroom. I need to know.


Got this on the ukraine bundle, played it legitimately on COMPLETE random and found myself having the time of my life actually. genuinely a really really good puzzle game, that even without jumpscares made me feel real freaked out and on edge for a large portion. the art direction and music especially are GORGEOUS and completely surprised me. what a genuinely fun experience. i can happily say i got all of the endings, and feel very satisfied by the game. 10/10 

I played this on my 3DS and had a really good time with it.  Not too often that a point and click game gives me the willies.

Hi there! I picked this game up from the Racial Justice bundle. 

I'm not the target demographic (I don't really do spooky games) but I do like point-and-click games so I decided to give it a shot! Overall I thought it was ... fine? I wish the puzzles had been more ambitious than just many, many keys, and the uh.... traditional ending(s) are a bit of a hard mental leap to understand. 

That aside, The game's well-built and plays well, and your creepy audio bits were effective, and I wish there'd been more. 

I wish there'd just been more. More effort into the puzzles, more clarification of the story, just.. yeah. more. 

Anyways, I've attached a video of my playthrough if you're at all interested: 


Does this game have jump scares? I'm intrigued but after just five minutes of playing I was very unnerved and I need to know if I should be bracing myself XD


Just finished all the endings, no jumpscares. Worst thing was probably some sounds effects that creeped me out so it's fine :D


Thank you! That's good to know. :D

I played this game years ago on Xbox and loved it. Was pleasantly surprised to see it included in the bundle I just bought.

Me encantó este juego y más al saber que un Español lo hizo, felicidades por grandioso juego!


Not bad at all. Some of the backgrounds looked great.  Now I'll have to try and figure out how to get the other endings.

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Hey, thanks for playing. I'm really glad that you enjoyed it!